Saturday, November 5, 2011

Have you ever thought about doing a Fast, but thought it sounded too hard?

Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Kelly. 
I have been having a Jonah moment...for about 6 months! 
You see, I had a desire to do something to help others who are trying to find out more about Biblical Fasting. 
I am a Chiropractor and home cook. I am not a pastor or a chef, so I didn’t think that I had what it takes for people to listen to me about this subject. But then God started working on me...
I entered a contest and won a position as one of four entree finalists. They flew us out to Savannah, GA and we had a cook off in a studio kitchen with Paula Deen! Yes, she was our Celebrity Host! I cooked my dish for her and she liked it! In fact, the next day while at lunch at Uncle Bubba’s she leaned over to me and told me once again that my food “was so darn good, so darn good!” 
I didn’t win the contest, but I think that the experience was preparing me for what God wants me to do. Like He did for David in 1 Samuel. Where David had already received word from God of who he was and what God wanted him to do. David had already been anointed to be King. But then King Saul was after him trying to kill him, and he was on the run and having to fight in battles just to stay alive and keep going. But he stopped to listen to God. He prayed for guidance. He followed what God told him to do and eventually he was crowned King.
Well I have stopped to listen to God. And I have been given the confidence that I needed to move forward and share my experience with anyone out there who is contemplating a Biblical Fast, or has just started one.
I was very disappointed with the small amount of information that was out there on Fasting and especially what foods were acceptable. 

This is the result. This is my Fast(ing) Food.
I have been on fasts off and on for about fifteen years. I have Fasted certain foods for Lent with the church as a whole (which is known as a corporate fast). My Husband and I have done a corporate fasts with the church at the beginning of the year for four years now and I have found certain things that help us through this time. I am going to share these tips and recipes with you. I will be entering notes, feelings, inspirations and recipes for anyone who is interested.

I will try to post a new recipe every week and share some inspirational information that has helped me during my Fasts. 

I look forward to our journey together!

Peace and Blessings on your house,
Dr. Kelly

Disclaimer: Before starting any Fast, you should seek the advice and council of you Doctor.

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